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If you’re planning to visit Amman, Jordan and want to stay at one of the best hotels in town, check out the best boutique hotel deals in Amman, Jordan offered by La Locanda Boutique Hotel.

La Locanda Boutique Hotel is the only hotel in the region that is music themed. This means all rooms in the hotel are designed and themed in celebration of an Arab artist and musician. There are a total of 21 rooms in the five story building. The hotel had been recently renovated and instantly became a hit amongst the locals as well as amongst thousands of foreign travelers coming to Amman from all over the globe.  

La Locanda Boutique Hotel is also renowned for offering the best boutique hotel deals in Amman, Jordan, which always remain unmatched by several of its competitors in the region. With a total of 21 rooms, each room is designed in contrast with the life and career of an Arab musician and artist. A team of local creatives were tasked to compile a list of 21 renowned and famous contemporary singers and artists with the only caveat that they had to list the names of those artists who’ve had a profound effect on the Arab musical genre – molding the music into what we listen to today.

The Musical Bar and Restaurant – The Maestro

The Maestro is another unique selling point of the La Locanda Boutique Hotel. Apart from its boutique styled amenities, the main attraction is the Maestro. The music bar and restaurant shares its structure with La Locanda. Maestro holds various musical concerts and live performances from local talents as well as legends every Monday and Friday.

The Maestro is a total hub for entertainment, fine dining and getting to meet local talents and artists that come across from all over Jordan to perform. The restaurant also uses state of the art music systems to instill the perfect ambience in the restaurant. The food here is a blend of Italian and American along with Arabic, and they also have a unique drinks menu.

So, book a room at La Locanda and check out all the best boutique hotel deals in Amman, Jordan for the time of your life. 

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