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La Locanda Boutique Hotel has certainly become of the hottest and trendiest hotels in town. On top of that the luxury establishment provides some of the best boutique hotel deals in Amman Jordan. However, what you may not know is the fact that La Locanda Boutique Hotel is also one its kinds in the entire country. How so? Well, it is a music themed hotel.

 Standing five stories tall, the luxury + music themed hotel has a total of 21 rooms, each one of them designed luxuriously, but with a twist. Every room has interior decoration designed in celebration of some of the best Arab singers, musicians and artists. The management of the hotel decided to let local creatives select 21 of the most celebrated and influential artists. However, the catch was to select artists that have made a significant impact on the musical culture and genre of Arabic music.

The Maestro Music Restaurant and Bar

The Maestro music restaurant and bar is perhaps the greatest and hippest restaurant/bar in Amman. There is no other like it in the entire Jabal Al-Weibdeh neighborhood. Hundreds of people, both locals and foreigners flock to have the times of their lives at the melodic restaurant and bar. The food there is absolutely delicious. With American and Italian cuisines, not to mention Arabic dishes, the establishment aims to please all types of tourists.

Along with enjoying the best boutique hotel deals in Amman, Jordan with La Locanda Boutique Hotel, you can also be party to feature concerts organized by the hotel on every Monday and Friday. The Maestro music restaurant and bar is located within La Locanda Boutique Hotel is has an absolutely unique and utterly delightful drinks menu. If you don’t come here, you will be missing out on one heck of an experience.

For more information on the Maestro music restaurant and bar, log on to their Facebook to find out who will be performing live at the bar/restaurant. For the best boutique hotel deals in Amman, Jordan offered by La Locanda Boutique Hotel, you can either check their website or have a glimpse of everything they have to offer on their Facebook. 

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La Locanda Boutique Hotel
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