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If you are looking to enjoy your visit to Amman and takes things to the next level then it is strongly suggested that you book a room at La Locanda Boutique Hotel, which has become the best boutique hotel in Amman, Jordan. Moreover, if you hurry you could end up applying for cool hotel deals, which always remain unmatched by the hotel’s competitors. This also means that thousands of people apply for booking every year.

Its Exclusive, Its Hip and it’s a One-of-a-Kinds Hotel

There is no question that La Locanda Boutique Hotel has become the most popular and go-to place in the Jabal Al-Weibdeh neighborhood. This area in Amman is particularly known for its rich cultural and artistic history. Being a music themed hotel, there is no other like La Locanda Boutique Hotel in the entire country. And surprising, a lot of local traveling from across Jordan also come to stay here. Thousands of tourists visiting Jordan apply for a room or two in the prestigious and trendy establishment.

This is why it has become the best boutique hotel in Amman, Jordan. Standing five stories high with a total of fourteen rooms, every room has intricately designed interior and decorative items reflecting or rather celebrating an Arab musician and artist. The same goes for all 14 rooms.

The owners of the hotel were looking to bring something entirely different and attractive to the table. And they did – which is why La Locanda has become so utterly popular.

The Maestro Music Restaurant and Bar

Now this is perhaps one of the coolest parts of the deal. Located within La Locanda Boutique Hotel is a snazzy and hippy music bar and restaurant, which has took Amman by storm. Apart from providing delicious and tantalizing cuisines to both locals and foreigners, the restaurant/bar also organizes various concerts in conjunction with La Locanda. Well-known local bands as well as international singers come to perform at Maestro music restaurant and bar every Monday and Friday. The concerts are organized by La Locanda, the best boutique hotel in Amman, Jordan.

So, these are some really awesome and compelling reasons for you to book a room right now.

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La Locanda Boutique Hotel
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