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Usually, when going out to dinner, you choose the restaurant based on the quality of food and your experience when you first went there. Or, perhaps a friend referred a restaurant to you and you just can’t wait to try it. However, did you know that listening to live music while dining can add to the experience? The combination of good food with music has been established for centuries now, back to the time of emperors and kings. Even you might be in the habit of putting on music in the background while having dinner at home.

Thankfully for you, you can find the Best Live Music Entertainment in Amman Jordan at one of the finest restaurants in town: the Maestro. Titled ‘the Music Bar and Restaurant’, The Maestro is located at La Locanda, an upscale boutique hotel. Here, you will be treated to delectable food and amazing music, giving you an experience that you will cherish and want to relive over and over. Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why you should opt for dining with the Best Live Music Entertainment in Amman Jordan:

The Food Tastes Better

Believe it or not, your food will taste better if you are listening to good music while eating. According to experts, music is a sensory stimulus and affects your brain function. Your brain will be able to perceive the flavor and aroma of the food you are eating in a better way. As a result, you will enjoy a superior dining experience and the food will taste better, even without embellishing it with any condiments.

The Ambience of the Restaurant

The ambience of the restaurant you are eating at is enhanced when there is live music being played. Whether you want to take your family out for a next meal or have drinks with friends, you will enjoy yourself at the Maestro. You will be in a peaceful environment which is made more pleasant by the live music.

Discover New Sounds

If you are a music lover, you will cherish the chance to sample new sounds, listening to music played by some of the most talented artists in Amman and from around the region. This is the reason why the Maestro is able to offer the Best Live Music Entertainment in Amman Jordan. You will get the chance to discover artists you might not have heard about and yet, fall in love with the music they are playing. 

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