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They are plenty of good places to wine and dine in Amman – the Sufra Restaurant, the Hashem, the Fakhr El-Din, etc. While they do serve delicious food and have an exclusive drink menu, if you haven’t tried having dinner or lunch at the Maestro Music Restaurant and Bar in hotel La Locanda, then you might have just missed out on everything. It is hailed as one of the best restaurant in Amman, Jordan.

La Locanda Boutique Hotel is the only music themed hotel in Amman and has become one of the main highlights in the city. Arab musicians and singers as well as local bands and foreign musical personalities visit the hotel every year to enjoy its beautiful culture and heritage along with the festivities the hotel has to offer.

The best part about the hotel is the fact the each of the 14 rooms in the hotel are designed in conjunction with the ideology of an Arab music sensations and legends. There are various decorative items in the room that depict the inspirations of several musicians like Starlet Asmahan, Sheikh Imam, and Nouhad Haddad (who is known as Fairuz all over the world).   

The Music Bar

Sharing its structure with La Locanda Boutique Hotel and becoming its unique selling point, The Maestro music bar and restaurant is the absolute best restaurant in Amman, Jordan. The hotel throws weekly concerts and musical festivities every Monday and Friday. Plus, restaurant host musical shows and festivities every single day of the week.

The bar is located in the heart of the culturally rich and vibrant region of Jabal Al-Weibdeh, a lively neighborhood in the city of Amman, known for its artistic history. The building is was constructed way back in the 50s and used to be Select Hotel back in 1975. 

Then in 2013, the building went through a massive facelift – the owners transformed it into one of the trendiest places in Amman.  With beautiful people, beautiful music and a wonderful array of select cuisines and a lovely drink menu, The Maestro has really become one of the best restaurants in Amman, Jordan.

There is no other bar/restaurant in the city that can offer the kind of thrills, excitement and absolute bliss the Maestro does. 

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La Locanda Boutique Hotel
52 Al-Ba'ouniyah Street, Jebel Al Weibdeh
Amman 11191 Jordan
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