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La Locanda Boutique Hotel has become one of the best highlights in Amman, Jordan. Established as one of the best and one of the first music themed hotels in Jordan, it has become the focal point for both locals and foreigners. The hotel has a colorful palate of amenities. It attracts hundreds of independent as well as international artists – each room is designed as a tribute to various musical legends of the Arab world.

Once you check into your room, irrespective of whether or not you are familiar with the musical heritage of the country, you will instantly connect with its vibrancy and the sheer cultural magnitude of the Arab culture and musical heritage.  Plus, you get to visit the best bar in the country – the Maestro Music Restaurant and Bar.

The Inspiration Behind the Hotel

When you enter the reception, you don’t really see a hotel, you see something beyond that, you see the heart and soul of Jordan. This was the whole idea from the get go. Owner and businessman, Saad Darwazeh was keen to focus on innovatively and creatively setting the standard apart when it comes hotel design and intent. La Locanda Boutique Hotel does not seem like a hotel at all, it is the cultural embodiment of the musical history of the Arab world. The ‘heart of Amman’.

The central feature and the hotel’s unique selling point are the musical themed rooms with various legendary Arab artists from all over the Arab world. The Hotel has a total of 14 rooms and stands 5 stories high. Each room is designed and furnished as a celebration and tribute to Arab artists and musicians from all over the Arab World. The boutique hotel is located in the heart of Jabal Weibdeh, which is also a hub for local artwork.

The Amazing and Simply Breathtaking Maestro Music Restaurant and Bar

The restaurant and bar shares the structure of the hotel and is perhaps the single hippest and trendiest bar in the area. Hundreds of tourists and locals gather at the bar to enjoy local concerts and the drinks. La Locanda hosts major concerts featuring some of the most well-known local and international bands every Monday and Friday.

Go to Maestro Music Restaurant and Bar’s Facebook page for more details on live performances and a detailed itinerary on concerts featuring famous bands like Yacoub Abu Goush or the ever so wonderful Masar Egbari (a popular Egyptian band).  Plus, you may also be able to catch a live performance of international star Gina Chavez right here in Maestro. Apart from the music and festivities in the Maestro Music Restaurant and Bar, don’t forget to try exquisite and exotic Jordanian cuisine and a unique drink menu. 

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La Locanda Boutique Hotel
52 Al-Ba'ouniyah Street, Jebel Al Weibdeh
Amman 11191 Jordan
Telefax: +962 (6) 460 2020