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If you're looking for one heck of an experience in Amman, then you mustn't miss out on visiting La Locanda Boutique Hotel. Hailed as one of trendiest and hippest Themed Rooms Boutique Hotel in Amman Jordan, thousands of people stay at the music themed hotel every year. It is a pretty sweet attraction that often caters to a list of local as well as international artists, singers and musicians.   

There a total of 21 rooms in the hotel, all marvelously decorated and fused with unique furniture and artistic representations of famous Arab singers and musicians. For example, there is an absolutely stunning and gorgeous room glamorously themed after legendary singer Starlet Asmahan. Starlet Asmahan is also known as the siren of Cairo - she was a Syrian singer and also used come in movies. The room was decorated as a beautiful tribute to her career and been designed to be glamorous, just as Asmahan's life was.

In this room of the themed rooms boutique hotel in Amman, Jordan, you will see a large photo of the Syrian sensation, framed on one of the walls. The photo is in black and white and is framed using a series of white pipes. The canvas of the photo is purposely designed and printed in an artistical fashion on top of the La Locanda monogram.

The photo hangs directly in front of the beautiful white bed, along which sits a red chaise whose attractive color is meant to be awe-inspiring - exactly how the Syrian super star was.  

Standing five stories tall, this themed rooms boutique hotel in Amman, Jordan is the first ever hotel with music themed rooms. The concept behind this revolutionary and artistic structure revolved around celebrating 21 Arab artists and musicians. The list of artists themselves was expertly selected by local artists and singers. But on one criteria - which was to select the 21 most inspirational and artists who played an instrumental role in changing the course of Arabic music and form it in a genre we know today.

Among the artists are some very popular names such as oriental jazz sensations Simon Shaheen and Anwar Abraham (who are quite recent), Oum Kalthoum, Sayed Darwish, Warda Al-Jazairia and Talal Maddah.

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