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La Locanda Boutique Hotel has become the cultural center of Amman. The hotel was fully renovated in 2015 and has 14 rooms. It is the only themed rooms boutique hotel in Amman, Jordan and thousands upon thousands of locals and foreigner comes and stay at La Locanda. The hotel is known for its beautiful and majestical representations of famous Arab artists infusing remnants of both past and current singers and artists.

The owner of the prestigious hotel, Saad Darwazeh wanted to create something inspirational - not just any hotel - but more of a cultural project where everybody could come and harmonize with the colorful and musical history of the country. And he has become quite successful at doing just that. Every room is themed as a celebration of an Arab musical star.

The Sheikh Imam Room

Upon entering the Sheikh Imam themed room, you will immediately cast your gaze on the white metal bar shining in the light. The bars begin from the headboard of the bed and extend towards the ceiling. Moreover, the bars hanging on the ceiling, staring down at the front of the bed have tiny LED bulbs fitted in them to emitting white. White is the only color used to celebrate this legendary and controversial figure in honor of Imam's blindness. He must have discovered his musical ear by losing the sight in his eyes.

 The bars hanging in the themed rooms boutique hotel in Amman, Jordan aren't only just mean to be an artistic touch; they represent the prison in which Sheikh Imam used to be thrown in. His only crime - singing powerful songs in favor of the working class folk in Egypt. There is also a painting of him hanging on one of the wall behind the monogram of the hotel.

The Maestro - Something You Shouldn’t Miss for the World

Another significant highlight of La Locanda Boutique Hotel is the Maestro music bar and restaurant, located within the hotel. You can catch some of the best local talent performing live every Monday and Friday. 

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