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La Locanda Boutique Hotel is the themed rooms hotel in Amman, Jordan. The hotel is racked up quite the following on social media and has become the center of attention in Amman. The owner of the prestigious and innovative establishment, Saad Darwazeh was inspired from the musical culture and heritage of his beautiful city and decided to instill the very essence of Arab music into the hotel

Upon entering La Locanda, you will immediately get a hit of a wonderful, snazzy and inspirational reception. The decoration is a fusion of pop-culture infused with the musical spirit of Jordan. Each one of the 21 rooms in the hotel is decorated with various items that have on one point or another, inspired some of the best musicians and singers of Jordan as well as the whole of Arab world.

With the help of Tahhan and Bushanaq, Amman’s foremost architectural companies, La Locanda Boutique Hotel was designed to provide the best of services and a multitude of amenities to thousands of families traveling from around the world. Plus, the hotel’s structural aesthetics brilliantly reflects what Darwazeh had in mind at the time of the conception of this wonderful idea. The themed rooms hotel in Amman, Jordan is a tantalizing blend of modern Jordanian culture and its history – harnessing inspiration from traditional Arab culture and arts optimizing the art scene in the region.

The Concept of the Themed Rooms in La Locanda

The boutique hotel is five stories high and is a one-of-a-kind establishment. There has never been any hotel remotely close to how La Locanda is designed and how it operates. The pioneering concept of themed rooms hotel in Amman, Jordan basically revolves around designing every room as a celebration or a tribute to 21 Arab singers, musicians and artists. This list of these 21 inspirations was diligently made by 15 of the best local creative minds. They had only one caveat to hurdle over – which was to select only those artists who have significantly impacted and changed the Arab music platform, molding it or evolving it on the genre as we know and listen to today.

Some of the artists included brilliant musicians and singers such as Sayed Darwish, Oum Kalthoum, Warda Al-Jazairia, Talal Maddah, etc. The list also included contemporary and recent Jazz oriental artists such as Anwar Abraham and Simon Shaheen. 

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La Locanda Boutique Hotel
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